Samsung Galaxy S4 – Celcom Packages

Samsung Galaxy S4 - Celcom

Since the Malaysian launch on 27 April 2013, the Samsung Galaxy S4 has started to make its mark in Malaysia. Joining the most anticipated launch in 2013 were the big 3 telco; DiGi, Celcom and Maxis.

Ftechnow had recently published the cost acquisition analysis for packages on offer by DiGi. In line with that, we will be spending time today looking at the packages made available at by Celcom.

Before proceeding with the packages breakdown, let us first take a look at the design story behind Samsung’s latest flagship, the GALAXY S4.

So, does that justify the use of plastic in designing the Galaxy S4? My say, to each his own as it is a fickle thing, pleasing the masses.

And now, for the packages breakdown.

Device: Samsung Galaxy S4

Model: GT-I9500

Available Tenure: 12, 18 and 24 Months

Available Plans: Celcom First Prime, Celcom First Premier, Celcom First Elite with choices of Internet mBasic, mAdvance and mPro. There is also a stand-alone Celcom First Data mPro Plus.

For this particular device, there was a lot of packages to compare. Therefore, instead of posting the breakdown in writing, it was posted as an image. Just click the device for a bigger picture of the plans on offer.

Package breakdown - Celcom

The good thing about these wide range of packages is that they offer you, the consumers the flexibility to choose the midpoint of Voice, SMS and Internet plan that suits your personality. For example, if I am the one taking this package, I would choose the mPro Plus package as I know that most of my time on that device will be spent on surfing the internet and on Google+ or Facebook. However, the plan I choose would be a big NO for those that make phone calls frequently, or living in an area that does not have a good 3G connection (because apps like Tango and WhatsApp would be out of the question).

If you have found yours, do head to the source link below.

Source: Celcom